The Morphiis Customizable Queen Mattress

Our most popular mattress, the Morphiis Adjustable queen is the perfect size for couples or individuals that love a little extra pesonal space. The Morphiis queen is beyond comparisons.

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The world's only adjustable topper!

Customize your side of the bed.

  • 8 firmness options for each sleeper.
  • Improves comfort for old and new mattresses.
  • Reduces pressure points.

Customize and personalize your side of the bed to a firmness you want.

Improve the comfort for old and new mattresses.

Easily adjusts to your desired level of firmness on each side of the bed. Insert or remove to achieve the firmness that works for you !

Easy to customize the firmness on each side of the bed





Full or half inserts

See how easy it is adjust
your side of the bed

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Pressure maps don't lie!

The Morphiis Topper Plus lowers pressure points that cause tossing and turning whether you have a brand new expensive mattress or an old worn-out mattress

CertiPUR certified
Meets USA
Extends mattress life
No need to buy a
new mattress
Spinal Alignment
improve neck and
shoulder pain
No body
sleep fresh
& cool