The Morphiis Customizable Queen Mattress

Our most popular mattress, the Morphiis Adjustable queen is the perfect size for couples or individuals that love a little extra pesonal space. The Morphiis queen is beyond comparisons.

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Adjust the ergonomic position you desire
to dramatically improve your sleep and health

Zero gravity positioning to balance the effects of gravity

4 Affordable Options

Twin XL - $650

Queen - $850

King - $1295

Split King - $1295

Independent foot and head incline

Health Benefits of the Morphiis Adjustable Bed Frame

More Comfortable

A flat bed causes your body to shift into cramped positions and cause improper posture which leads to tossing and turning and disrupted sleep.

Alleviate Back Pain

A flat bed may not provide proper spinal cord support and result in excess back pain which causes tossing and turning and a restless sleep.

Better bood circulation

By relieving pressure on your circulatory system, adjustable beds make it easier to ensure that your extremities maintain proper blood circulation all night long.

improved digestion

By elevating your upper body you can improve your digestion by preventing the retention of gas in your stomach.

Asthma and Snoring

Flat mattresses restrict your air flow and increase the difficulty in moving air to your vital organs. Additionally , by elevating your upper body you can usually reduce or even eliminate snoring.


Improved blood circulation, improved oxygen levels and reduced tossing and turning will reduce insomnia.

improve breathing & lung expansion

Those that suffer from congestion can benefit from an elevated head position which wilL help keep your sinuses and lungs clear by keeping fluid and mucus at bay.

Headaches and Minor Pains

Sleeping with your upper body elevated will improve the amount of oxygen that can reach your brain and reduce tension and pain that can occur by sleeping on a flat surface.


Sleeping on an adjustable bed decreases the irritation to your joints by minimizing joint compression.

reduced leg swelling

Sleepers with Restless Leg Syndrome have often found that having their legs elevated reduces discomfort and in some cases eliminates the pain